Pole Sport. After a good warm up and conditioning drills this class will include climbs, spins, drills, basic floor inverts & exercises to help you master the Beginner thru Intermediate fundamentals of pole sport. This class mimimal choreography and focused on building skills and muscle control needed for this type of Aerial Art. Fitted Shorts and tank top are required. Skin contact is needed to keep grip on pole. Please no lotion the day of class as well as no rings or bracelets. 


The tuition is $90 per month, Each class has a one time equipment  yearly fee of $25


Currently offered Wed and Thursday at 7:00

Pole Sport $90 Per Month

  • Wed 7:00 pm, Thurs 7:00 pm 

    $90 per month.  With your class purchase you will recieve one day of instruction as well as one open gym per week. One equiptment fee of $25 per year will be charged per student.



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